My Love for Joe

When I was younger I would start my morning with a nice Diet Pepsi and only in a plastic bottle.  I would drive to work every day and sip on the syrupy brown goodness all the way into town.  I wouldn’t think of drinking the normal morning beverage that good ol’  cup of joe. The thought of that bitter drink made my stomach turn.

Coffee pots.

Now 7 years later, I might officially call myself a coffee addict. My friends are surprised if I don’t have a cup in my hand, I take one everywhere. I am the girl that gets a hot coffee before roller derby and leaves it in the car (can’t dehydrate before skating) just so I can have it after when we all meet at the bar. It took me awhile to figure out which coffee was my favorite. I am a no frills kinda girl. My drink of choice is Americano with a splash of soy. No sugar, no whipped cream, or syrupy bullshit.

coffee cups

I really think that I got hooked because of coffee cups. I am such a huge fan of funky and fun cups and I never found the usefulness of them if I didn’t actually drink coffee. I think they sucked me in. I know this sounds ridiculous but I love the handle. Yes, I blame it on these wonderful beauties.

I am not picky when out and about and needing coffee.  Well… let me make the distinction, I am not picky about coffee as long as it’s from a coffee shop.  I am not talking 7-Eleven or Circle K because I will gladly pass on coffee before I drink theirs.  But when it comes to a coffee shop, I am really not all that picky. I have my favorite but really any coffee shop will do. It’s pretty hard to mess up an Americano and if it happens they can remake it.

Coffee trash

I just felt that it was time to let the world know that I no longer drink that syrup goodness I have traded it for the robust, aromatic cup of joe.  Coffee, I love you!


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