Crazy About Vader

I am a huge animal lover, I have walked dogs for the last two years and haven’t just been doing it for the money, I can assure you of that. But I would see people with their dogs, dressing them up, taking them everywhere, cooking them special meals, having them groomed every couple of weeks etc. I thought those people were a little nutty until…I became one of them.

Now I have owned dogs all my life mostly larger dogs like Labradors, Shepherds and the like but never a small dog. I just was a big dog kind of girl. I wanted a dog that was bigger than me more like a small horse than an actual dog. But sadly, my ex got our dog in the break up leaving me dogless for almost four years. I really wanted to get another dog and kept my eyes peeled for one . Then I met Vader.


One hung over day my friends and I had to go and get my car where I had left it the night before. My car was in the parking lot of the local Farmer’s Market so we decided to take a walk through it.  My friend fell in love with two of the dogs that were up for adoption, Vader and Bones (big Sci-fi fans I am assuming).  She couldn’t adopt them since she was moving to Paris in a few weeks but she decided to foster both dogs.

Bones was a stringy white mix with a huge over-bite and Vader was a black Chug (½ Chihuahua and ½ Pug).  I had gone over to her place a few times and Vader kinda hung in the back like a shy little pup. But soon he would come and put his head on my hand. Instantly, I fell in love. He was just so little and scared. I decided then that I had to have him so I told her that while she was in Paris, I would see how Vader did with me. The day he came home I knew that he would be mine forever.

I have had him now for almost a year and I have dressed him in shirts, tuxedos (for his birthday), snow suits and sunglasses. I take him to get coffee or sit in the many dog friendly lunch spots around town. He goes to the groomers every two weeks where he comes out smelling like cologne. We make him yogurt and granola for breakfast and turkey dinners all mixed with his dog food.


I have become that crazed pet owner that has substituted their dog for children. I can’t bear to be away from him for longer than a day or two and my mother calls him her grandchild. He has touched my heart in a way not no other dog has and I am happy to say …I am a crazy pet owner.




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