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Bungalows, Grannies & Waving

I moved a few months ago into Central Phoenix or CenPho as they call it. It’s a rather small apartment complex, about 10 units, built back in the late 60’s that has managed to modernize without losing its charm. Minutes from downtown and across the street from the new light rail, it is a dream location. Previously, I lived in a huge apartment complex filled with families and retirees in the Northeast part of the city. It was okay but nothing was within walking distance except 4 other large apartment communities and a giant Costco. It lacked originality and it was a fairly new area so it really hasn’t had a chance to be anything other than major corporation stores.


The new place is surrounded by old homes, built as far back as 1926 and more than ¾ of the homes are exactly the same as they were in their prime. Most of them are in that Los Angeles bungalow style and sit on big half acre properties. These homes used to be four miles outside of town but now its located smack dab in Central Phoenix. And I am happy it is. It shows me that around every corner there are hidden gems in the city. It’s not just filled with cookie cutter homes, Costco’s and Wal-Mart’s but filled with big lawns and a place where people actually sit on the front porch and wave at passerby’s.


Seeing these homes everyday when I go for my morning jog (yes, I jog!) makes me want to be a better person. It makes me thankful for the past and it also makes me want to always pick up not only after my dog but others, not throw cigarette butts and pick up trash when I see it, even if it’s not mine. (Seriously, if you are in my neighborhood and you do any of that shit, I will cut you). I want this neighborhood to see another 90 years just exactly as it is. I want everyone to still wave at each other, I want to continue to see a dad play in the front yard with  his son everyday and I want to see grandma with the most beautiful roses on the blocking bending down to smell them every morning. This is my neighborhood and I am so proud it hasn’t changed in years!



One thought on “Bungalows, Grannies & Waving

  1. HOUSES are all about cement, bricks, mortar and wood. HOMES are all about loved ones, family, parties and food. Congratulations for your new home.
    Have you noticed traffic has been drastically heavier in central Phoenix the last couple of months?
    Lately camelback has been a parking lot from 32nd to central, 7th has been a wreck, and other generally free-flowing streets have been places I don’t want to drive.


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