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5 Months of Bliss

It sits there waiting silent, still and calm. It sits there taunting me all through the semi-cold winter. It sits there all shiny and refreshing begging me to get into it…yes it’s the pool, my beautiful, wonderful, happy Arizona pool.


Once September hits most Phoenicians don’t dare step into their pool, it’s much too cold. But once February/March hits, you start to see people lying by the pool starting their tans. No one gets in, not yet, because it’s a frigid 80 degrees. (brr). But once the temperatures go up to a solid 86+ we cant get enough. (FYI once it gets past 110 degrees the pool feels like hot bathwater, yuck!). We have a good 5-month pool season here and that is perfectly fine with us.


The pool isn’t just a place to cool down from the torturous Arizona sun; it’s a place where family, friends and even strangers gather. I have had parties, business meetings and my best ideas in or around a pool. It’s the one place that I feel like I can just be calm, rational, silly and fun all at the same time (unless drinks are involved then rationality is gone). There is just something awesome about a pool party with all the fixins: BBQ, horseshoes, drinks and floaties.


Pool season in Arizona means you have more than 1 bathing suit. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable to have 6 or 7 and wear them everywhere. You see people sporting them at the grocery store, the local Starbucks and even at the mall because you never know when your buddies are heading to the lake for an impromptu afternoon swim. And to be honest, you probably have a six-pack or bottle of your favorite alcohol in your trunk for occasions such as this.

Arizona can get pretty damn hot but with a pool in almost every yard it certainly makes the heat a bit more bearable. Actually, it makes living here down right awesome. So the leaves never really change colors, so it never snows, so your face feels like it will melt off if you step outside.. but for a good 5 months we are hanging out with our buddies by the pool with snacks, beer and great conversation…and we don’t even have to change clothes to go to the bank!


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